Monday, 11 September 2017

Reasons to Use a Cosmetic Dentist

Except for restoring the functionality of your tooth/teeth, a cosmetic dentist makes use of different techniques to enhance your smile. Even in the case where your tooth/teeth are in an excellent condition, it’s still possible to add tooth whitening for that extra touch to highlight your existing beautiful smile.

Some patient’s confidence increases dramatically when a cosmetic dentist repairs their missing or broken teeth. To invest in a smile that is beautiful is not only all about appearances, but it’s an investment that is important for career and social opportunities.

Why should you visit a cosmetic dentist?

In the past ten years, technology and techniques used in cosmetic dentistry changed intensely, and improvements today is able to provide you with a beautiful smile. With all these new modern technologies, it’s possible for cosmetic dentists to transform your smile within only one visit. You will have the advantage of receiving a beautiful smile in no time and boost your confidence.

Different reasons why you should use a cosmetic dentist

Problems with stained teeth

You might be a big fan of drinking soda, wine, or coffee. Yet, do you understand the negative effect and stains caused by these drinks? How they can affect your teeth and how troublesome it may be.

Yes, it’s easy to find over-the-counter treatments such as strips, whitening toothpaste, and mouthwashes. However, they can’t provide you with results that are very reliable. Cosmetic dentistry will offer you a better solution as what home treatments can. Some of the procedures may take about an hour and produce results of nearly 8 shades brighter.

Self-consciousness with the spotlight on you

When your job requires face-to-face meetings with new clients and you are always in the spotlight, it’s important to have a first impression that counts. Especially your physical appearance.

This will include your smile and teeth which can build-up your confidence. Your cosmetic dentist would be able to help you achieve the look you need. Thus, allowing you to step out with confidence and proudly into the spotlight.

Problems with missing teeth

If some of your teeth or a tooth is missing, whether you lost it through a disease, accident or injury, a dental implant is an alternative that is more comfortable than traditional dentures. Depending on your bone and gum health, the dentist can determine whether dentures, tooth implants, or bridge prosthesis can be a suitable option for you.

Reshaping of your teeth

In the case where you have problems with your teeth which includes teeth that are oddly shaped, too pointy, or worn down, cosmetic dentistry will be your answer to ensure a pleasing appearance. Most of the time, they may use porcelain veneers, because it’s possible to shape it exactly the same as your original teeth.

Restoring teeth that are damaged

With years passing, your teeth may reveal deterioration through discoloration, cracks or chips. Cosmetic dentistry procedures like porcelain veneers or bonding can cover up all the damage to enhance the appearance of your tooth/teeth.

In some cases, where damage is very severe like broken or badly decayed teeth, your dentist will provide dental crowns that look natural to restore them, which can offer important support and structure.

To straighten misaligned or crooked teeth

Some patients that have crooked or misaligned teeth might want to fix them while avoiding the pain and humiliation of wearing metal traditional braces.
However, cosmetic dentists may offer alternative options such as clear braces for straightening your teeth, which were widely proven successful.

It consists of some plastic aligners that are close to invisible. These shift all the teeth in place without using metal braces. Another procedure that is effective to straighten your teeth is porcelain veneers.

Lengthening teeth that are too small

With teeth that are too small, you might feel very self-conscious. Your dentist may be able to bond dental veneers onto the tooth surface and alter their shape and length. Your dentist and you can then decide together on the color, size, and shape of the veneers to provide a beautiful smile which will look perfect.

You receive results that are good

Cosmetic dentists can fix broken, chipped, cracked or gapped teeth, as well as repair gum lines that are jagged and whiten your teeth if it is discolored. They will be able to correct all dental defects which might affect your overall appearance.

A younger appearance

Perfect dentistry can boost you psychologically and also provide you with a younger look by simply improving your smile. In social surroundings, you won’t experience any embarrassment about your look and you can socialize comfortably.

Long lasting effects

Most procedures will last for about ten years, this means that you can spend less money and time to fix your smile. The benefits of using cosmetic dentistry definitively outweighs all expenses.

Measures of prevention

Bonding procedures can strengthen your teeth. Worn and fractured edges also are covered by this procedure, which may prevent any further wear on your teeth.

So, if you have any problems with your teeth, make sure to contact your cosmetic dentist to help you with a better appearance and life.

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